3 Of Cups is a collective of professional creatives. The 3 Of Cups team offers event planning and coordination and floral and design services. 3 Of Cups collaborates with clients, offering customizable packages. Contact 3 Of Cups to receive a complimentary consultation.
3 Of Cups coordinates and designs alternative weddings and events for a classic to eclectic clientele. Stemming from “somewhat non-traditional” to a “Keep Austin Weird” style, 3 Of Cups creates events with character. Whether it be a laid-back vibe or a fabulously spectacular party, 3 Of Cups creates the aesthetic and charm that suits each unique client’s vision. One thing that remains consistent is that “FUN!” is at the top of the agenda.
The event planning and visioning process is a collaborative and creative exchange between 3 Of Cups and clients. Jessica and Coley take the time to build personal relationships with their clients. 3 Of Cups believes that communication and transparency are essential to ensure confidence in the services provided. This personal approach has given 3 Of Cups the opportunity to become good friends with clients.
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